The Purpose

I love God and I love learning about him through His Word. I feel such an overwhelming desire to share what I learn. So much so, that I created a blog and I know nothing about blogging!

I have been a Christian my whole life…well, I have believed in God, in Jesus as my savior and the Holy Spirit as my guide ever since I can remember but only recently have I found the true joy that comes from reading and studying His Word. Because I have changed my attitude towards the Bible, God has opened my eyes, my heart and my spirit to receive and it overflows.



He Keeps His Promises

In Exodus 6:4 (NLT) God tells Moses of his promises to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. In verse five he says he HAS HEARD and that HE IS WELL AWARE, then in verses 6-7, he says I WILL seven times!

Wow! God promises, He hears us when we cry out, He is well aware of His Promises then he tells us seven times that HE will keep them.

Look it up and circle these things in your Bible! It sure lifted my heart. I hope it lifts yours as well.