In a Time of Rest

This time, while reading the Bible in chronilogical order, I have slowed down the pace to glean as much as I can from it. Last time around I hurried through Numbers and Leviticus (just to say I read it). This time I am reading through with a new attitude……Application of His Word. Who knew I would see so much in the Law and how I could apply it to my life today? LOL. (I think that’s His point in providing it!)

In Levitcus 25:8-22 ( 15 verses) God gives Moses the Law of Jubilee. I am only going to mention one aspect of the wealth of this passasge. The fiftieth year, the Sabbath year of rest for the crops.

In verse 11 God commanded that the Israelites plant no crops or store away any that grow on their own in the year of Jubilee, just like the 7th year of Sabbath. The land was at rest along with the people. But verses 18-22 grabbed me.

God said that if His people would obey his regulations and follow his decrees, then the land would produce enough in the 6th year to last well into the harvest of the 9th year.

So… if we read and study God’s Word, taking in as much as we can, storing it up in our hearts, apply it to our lives and strive to live according to his commands we build faith (storehouse)  during a time of seed time and harvest (good years) THEN…God provides MORE THAN ENOUGH to get us through the “rest” (seasons of lack or trouble) even into the next period of seed time and harvest!

I love God’s Word! But most of all, I love this Wonderful, Magnificent, Holy God that loved me first.

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